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Tips on getting baby with Down Syndrome to eat.

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My son was born with Down Syndrome and with holes in his heart. He is 6
months now. He spent almost 2 months in the NICU, mostly because he
didn't want to eat. So we decided to get his G-Tube to get him home. He
had his heart surgery in December and is doing great! He's off the
oxygen and almost all his meds. He still doesn't want to eat like he is
supposed to though. We feed himabout 130mls every 4 hours. I know it's
less than he is supposed to eat but he is gaining a pound a month and if
we feed him more than that he pukes so I know that is too much on his
belly. Even feeding him every 3 hours is too much on him. I don't want
him to be dependent on the tube so I was wondering if anyone had some
advice? I've tried putting purred food in with it and even tried a few
drops of chocolate syrup. Still the same. He eats some of it but then
tries to spit it out after about 40mls. Anyone with the same experience?
He loves purred food though so I was thinking about getting him on that
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