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Help baby is spitting up a lot and real fussy

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My boy twin 8 week old is spitting up a lot after every feed and seems real fussy all the time??? Does this sound like colic, reflux or dairy allergy completely lost he's being breAstfed any suggestions would help

Re: Help baby is spitting up a lot and real fussy

  • I was having the same issue with my 8 week old. I don't have a solution per day but I believe my issue was a faster flow & quick let downs. Sometimes I pump ahead of time to empty out a bit so my flow is not so forceful--I was literally spraying my little one in the face at times. Also, burping A LOT! Her little tummy would get so full of air & it made her so uncomfortable all she'd do was cry & want to eat to soothe, which caused her to spit up more. We used some of the gas relief drops. The most helpful trick was doing tummy time on heating pad on low, covered by a blanket to help loosen up the gas. This was by far most successful way to real ease her tummy & get rid of gas. I hope this helps. Good luck.
  • My LO was doing that at 4 weeks and it ended up being reflux. I would call your doctor with us they where concerned about other medical conditions reflux being the best option.
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  • I had same issue and took LO to dr. They think it is acid reflux, and recommended he stay upright 30-60 min after each feeding! In bouncer or anything at an angle works too before putting him down. They also prescribed medicine to ease his discomfort. If he is arching his back that could be a sign of something more serious and they also felt his tummy to see if there was blockage, so you may want to take him in to rule all that out.
  • I was thinking it sounds a lot like gas try burping :)
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