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A question for Ohio girls

I will be moving to Cleveland in May with my DH and I was wondering about hospitals there. I have a fully covered health insurance peovided by my DH's sponsor, so I don't have to worry about the cost at all. So what hospital do you suggest I go to for my pregnancy and baby delivery?

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    I'm going to fairview. Second baby but first through this hospital. I'm high risk, so I chose it based upon nicu, just in case, and so far (only 13w) I'm liking my drs. But guess it depends where you're moving, so you're not driving too far.
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  • Rainbow babies and children at university hospital it's the best I'm from Cleveland and I was born there and my friends and other ppl I know had there kids there @alhashim87
  • I suppose it depends on your insurance, where you will be living and how far you’re willing to drive. Cleveland Clinic is the best hospital in Cleveland overall, but Rainbow Babies Children’s Hospital is also excellent, but part of University Hospital and located on the east side. The only hospital I would absolutely not deliver at is St. John’s in Westlake. Fairview Hospital is a great Hospital on thr west side. 
  • Also, if your looking to go the natural route, Fairview just added several new Natural birthing suites with large tubs, queen size beds and lots of other good stuff to make it feel like home. Just thought I’d mention. 
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