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There seems to be a LOT of questions here meant for doctors. I am sure you are looking for people who have experienced similar things as well, but questions specifically about your OWN BHCG, O'ing, AF, etc need to be directed to your doctor. While women here are going to say "you can do it!" or "my AF came back in 6 weeks..." I REALLY hope you are calling your doc.

Also, there is an amazing page for TTCAL ladies here that answers a LOT of these questions. If you're looking for emotional support, go for it. If you're looking for MEDICAL support and clarity, always, always, ALWAYS call your doctor. Remember, your normal is not anyone else's. 

(PSA: This is not a bitch post, this is a please be healthy post - because your UTE is important!)
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BFP#1: 03/05/14 | EDD: 11/11/14 | MC: 04/10/14 | D&C 05/01/14 [Molar]
BFP#2: 10/15/14 | EDD: 06/25/14 | MC: 12/02/14 | D&C 12/04/14 [MMC]
Current Status: RE appt 01/20/15 & Cleared to TTC
Plan: Baby Aspirin, More (raw) folate, PNP, Iron, diet
DX: MTHFR hetero C677T, ANA+ Homogeneous, Anemia. Ige sensitivities: gluten, egg, dairy
All AL Welcome<3
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