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Possible Baby #2

My daughter will be four in May, and while we weren't necessarily trying for baby 2, I can't say we were doing much to prevent it from happening. I'm only a week late and plan on taking a test thus week, but how did you tell your kids they were going to have a new sibling? We have a 6m old niece that my daughter adores, but when I'm holding her my daughter tends to get REALLY jealous.

Obviously I have plenty of time to think and worry, but I'm a planner and want to hear opinions ahead of time. :)
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Re: Possible Baby #2

  • I also know there is a chance I'm not pregnant, I'm just thinking ahead. :)
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  • Well, my DD is not yet 3 and we didn't tell her until there was more of a baby bump and then took her to the anatomy ultrasound.  We've been reading books about being a big sister.  This week we've been drawing pictures of DD and her baby sister.
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  • We didn't really put thought behind telling him. We didn't tell him until like 13 weeks when I had the anatomy scan. He saw my belly growing and we talked about the baby a lot and prepared around the house. We tried to talk to him about changes that would happen... mommy having to be at the hospital a couple days, playing quietly when baby was sleeping, being gently, sharing toys/time, so it wasn't really shocking once she came. We never really had jealousy issues. It's different when it's your own kid as opposed to a friend/family member. Kids adapt pretty easily.

  • We have been talking about it in some context for a while now.  But I don't think she really gets it or what it will mean for her.  I don't think she will until the baby gets here.  We talk about the baby in mommy's tummy and how she will be a big sister and what the baby's name will be, but I don't think she can really fathom how her world will change or what it will involve until it actually happens.  It may be a little different with a 4-5 year old though.


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