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Tummy troubles

My daughter has had awful gas pains ever since I stopped giving her breastmilk. I was always supplementing with Gentlease because she had a bad latch and developed jaundice. I continued pumping until she was a month old - couldn't build a solid supply and had to go back to work full time.

She is colicky and has crying fits that are clearly from gas pain. Dr. recommended Nutramigen for cows milk allergy and she wouldn't keep it down if it was mixed with the Gentlease or by itself in smaller amounts. The doc has not been helpful or really seemed to care. She said it's probably just a phase and because of my insurance I can't switch....

My cousin who has three girls recommended Prosobee but I don't want to keep switching her formulas because that's probably making it worse. I feel so bad for her!!

I wish I would have gotten more help with breastfeeding, she seemed to be doing so well. Has anyone had a similar experience or any recommendations on safely switching formulas or what worked for you??

Re: Tummy troubles

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    I don't know how helpful this is, but my pediatrician told me that the majority of gas/colic/etc is due to age right now, digestive system is immature and sensitive. I don't have any advice on formula, but DD really seems to respond well to gripe water and belly massages when she's gassy.
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  • I exclusively breastfeed so I don't have advice on formula but I agree with above. Her pediatrician said it's normal for them to be gassy and spit up (unless projectile many times) because of immature digestive systems and will get better with age. Gripe water has worked for us well. Also my baby seems it bothers her more in the evening. Fortunately she loves baths and it helps mellow her out so I often give her a bath in the evening and then do belly massage with nighttime lotion and it seems to help. I've also had some friends that had put gas drops in their baby's formula with each feeding.
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