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Yay, I have a pregnancy buddy

Last night I went out to dinner with my MBA girlfriends. As my friend arrived I noted she seemed rounder. The minute she sat down she broke the news. Then she and the other friend looked at me and said, and we're guessing you're pregnant too?
I wasn't gonna say anything this early but it was obvious to everyone.
My friend is 2 weeks ahead of me and we are so happy to be going through this together! I am also so happy she does everything before me and can tell me what is coming up!
On another note, while news of my pregnancy wasn't as surprising as hoped, I did manage to throw one curve ball at them as I just found out I got 2 in the bag! Ha!
Anybody here also got a buddy?
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Re: Yay, I have a pregnancy buddy

  • I do! I text my gf whom I lent my Doppler to, asking if she still had it & if I could get it back. I knew I was putting myself out there by asking for my Doppler back but I just want it in my hands so bad to listen to LO heart beat I didn't care wether she asked me if k was expecting or not. Soooo she asked! Haha I said yes I told her how far along I was then she tells me she's exactly 1 week behind me! I was ecstatic! She was my HS Best friend with life and kids and now living an hour away it's hard to see each other as much as we'd like but they both of us are super excited!!!!! & I'm getting that Doppler tonight lol
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  • That's awesome!

    My hubby and I went out bowling last weekend with another couple who had been trying for about as long as we were... And they are expecting too!! She's about 3 weeks behind me, due in November, so it's still quite early, but I'm looking forward to having a pregnant friend to go through this journey with!
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  • Call me crazy/selfish, but I like being the only one in my family/circle pregnant. Then I get all the attention. ;) My sister in law is pregnant too so I have to share the spotlight - dang it! Haha
  • So exciting! My friend and I found out our due date were 6 days apart. Then I found out I was having twins and couldn't wait to tell her. She couldn't believe it. The following week, she found out she was having twins too! How crazy is that?? We have been talking almost every day about things. So fun to have someone to share this amazing experience with!! Congrats! :)
  • HOWEVER, if it was a really good friend or close sister who was pregnant I'd be PUMPED to have a preggo buddy!
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    No, I want a buddy though.  My sister in law has been trying to get pregnant for 2 ½ years with no luck even after fertility treatments.  I felt so bad telling her after getting pregnant after only 3 months of trying.  She took it well but has been a bit quieter towards me.  I am hoping she can somehow get her miracle baby soon so mine can have a cousin to grow up with.
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  • I wish! I barely have any girl friends at all. Ours wasn't planned, and none of my friends are planning anything like that any time soon. It's kinda lonely...

  • I have one friend due in July and one due with twins at the start of September and another who has been trying for the same amount of time as we were.  Itll be nice to have friends to hang out with while we are all on Mat leave and a few that are ahead of me enough that they can warn me of whats to come!  Very excited to have some friends for my LO right off the hop!
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  • I just moved across the country from my family and friends. It has been hard not being near my family and as I was trying to decide how we can break the news to everyone back home I got a text from one of my best friends from HS asking if I was ready to be an aunt! She is 3 weeks ahead of me. Not 2 hours later my closest friend sent me a text and she is pregnant too! 2 days ahead! It's hard being so far away from any support team, but just knowing I have some friends who can commiserate with me from afar makes me so happy! 
  • My friend and coworker was 5 weeks ahead of me when we were pregnant with our first, and it was nice to have someone with whom we could discuss our experiences. The last five weeks were admittedly harder when she was holding her sweet LO and I was still cooking mine ;)  We each ended up having ours at 39 weeks, so we remained exactly 5 weeks apart the whole time! This time around, she's due in the end of May and we had trouble getting pregnant. We are due at the end of October at this point, but I'll have a dating u/s this week to confirm. The months between her announcing her pregnancy and us finding out we're pregnant were emotionally hard because people instinctively asked me why we weren't pregnant, too. They were all meaning well, but as you all know, that was emotionally tough for people who were waiting for a BFP!
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  • One of my friends from church recently announced that she's expecting her second in September, about 4 weeks ahead of me. Our sons are in the nursery together for church and Bible study and they're best buddies, so I'm curious to see if our younger babies end up being besties, especially if we both have girls or both have boys again.

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