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Potty training regression

Hi everyone,


I've been having some issues with potty training my little guy who will be 3 in June.  He has never been very interested in potty training.  We did start to work on it several months back and we would try before work, they try 3 times in daycare and I would try once in the evening before bed.  He did it maybe 3 times at home and and 3 times at daycare in total.  He always seemed fine with sitting on the potty and even liked asking for toilet paper and putting it in the toilet and flushing.  I have a training seat for the regular toilet and he has a little toilet as well.  He would go back and forth on the one he wanted to use.  We also had a 1 week vaca in FL for Christmas and he made some really great progress.  I'm normally working during the day, but maybe since he was with me all day he felt more comfortable to try.  He would start to pull down his pants and take off his diaper when he needed to go and even started to try and tell me.  I thought we were getting somewhere, but then he completely stopped this when we returned home.

Well just in the past few weeks, I ask him if he wants to use the potty and he screams no.  I try to bring him in there and he throws a tantrum.  I basically give up efforts to try when he resists as I don't want to make it a big deal and have him even less likely to want to do it.  I also say "Do you want to try potty and have an M&M?" and he still continues to say no and throw a fit.  He also says "No, I don't want to.  Diaper please."  I don't know how to get him engaged in this process again.  I've never done anything so it was a bad experience for him.  I always praise him a lot when he even sits on it and he gets a few M&Ms after.  Does anyone have any suggestions or strategies to help?  He also makes NO effort to tell anyone when he has a dirty diaper.  I would think at his age he should realize that it is uncomfortable, but he doesn't and still gets mad when I change his poopy diapers.




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Re: Potty training regression

  • When we first started the potty training process we went straight to undies. We didn't even waste money on pull ups. There will be messes and you have to keep a level head about you when they happen. I panicked the first time DD had one and she gave me a look like she had done something wrong. She struggled for a few days after that, but then picked right back up on it. Sitting in a mess triggered something for her. The only kind of "reward" we offered is a high five (after washing hands), a hug, and a potty dance. I was nervous she would associate potty with food. Her favorite "reward" is to flush when she is done. we taught her to wave bye. My thinking is that then maybe she wont develop a fear of the potty (public restrooms havnt been introduced yet)

    I know with daycare they may not like the no diaper but you can always start on a weekend and that will give you 48 hours with him to try. Just make sure you take in extra clothes. I have a feeling he will catch on fast when he knows he doesn't have the option of the diaper.

    When its bath time I make sure she goes to the potty first. She pooped in the tub and I must have scared her. she takes the worlds fastest baths and always says she has to potty :( 

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