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Fell asleep with heating pad

Last night I laid down in bed around 9:30 with a heating pad on my back on the low setting. I fell asleep without turning it off and woke up around 1:45 to find it on my stomach. I don't know if I rolled over or if I moved it in my sleep so I have no idea how long it was there. The baby has been moving a lot today so that makes me feel a little better. I called my doctor but we are in the middle of a snowstorm and their office is closed. Anxiously waiting on them to call me back. Has anyone else done this? Just looking for some reassurance that everything is ok. I feel so irresponsible!

Re: Fell asleep with heating pad

  • You will be fine. I sleep with one nightly.


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  • I agree w @SassFrass, I sleep with one nightly as well!
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  • You're absolutely fine :) same!

    I was having awful back pains a few weeks back and the hospital I went to even recommend one.
  • I sleep with one also. No biggie.
  • Thanks everyone! What worried me the most was not knowing how long it was on my stomach but a nurse practitioner called me back and offered more reassurance. Just one of those freak out moments. Thanks again.
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