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Acid Reflux

My son is 7 weeks and just got put on medicine to help with acid reflux but we gave him his first dose before this feeding and he still throws up a lot how long till it should work if anyone knows.
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Re: Acid Reflux

  • It may not completely stop the spit up, but it will eventually stop the acid production so the spit ups don't hurt so much...
  • My dr put my son on this today Zantac said it should start working in few days if not one week
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  • His pediatrician said we would noticed a difference after a week. We noticed a difference after 4 days. Then he was back to his reflux self after a week. We ended up having to up his dosage from 1ml 2x a day to 1.4ml which seemed to work for the past 2 weeks (after consulting with his ped).
  • FYI - the Zantac can also make them kind of grumpy, so sometimes it helps the pain but can make them fussy. It turns into a benefit vs. side affect decision for you...
  • We where told to give 1ml but that seems a lot we tried .5 and now we are at .7 I'm slowly bringing the dose up and seeing more of a change!
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  • I'm also having to give him Zantac does anybody know any other side effects ??? I don't like the smell of it and he hates it
  • Zantac didn't work for my daughter who is 2 months old now. I use Gelmix to thicken breastmilk and she doesn't spit up anymore.
  • Walgreens and target both offer adding grape flavor to the Zantac (only compatible flavor apparently), and after a week of the new grape flavor, my kid doesn't hate it. We still give the 1ml dose in 3 squirts , with a binky there for him to suck in between. He's happier and the meds stay down. Ask for grape!
  • The Zantac didn't work for my LO so now she's on Prilosec... It took about two weeks but now the reflux stops almost completely!!! It's wonderful!!! We tried weaning her off at one point, worrying if she really "needed" it and the reflux was so terrible I felt bad.. Back to 1ml 2x a day and she is doing amazing!!!
  • Can you guys tell me how they could tell your little ones had reflux vs if it was just normal infant spitting up and fussiness? I go for my little ones 2 month visit soon to discuss with dr but just curious your guy's experience with it.
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