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TTC After a Loss

TTC after a stillbirth at 22 weeks... need some advice/share personal story?

I am 20 years old, and had a stillbirth in November of 2014.. it was my first pregnancy and it was a baby girl. I lost her at 22 weeks, and the doctors had no explanation whatsoever. I was not on birth control this month, and have had unprotected sex all this month in hopes of trying to conceive again. Now I can't tell if I am pregnant or not as silly as that may sound. I stopped birth control on my last cycle.. bleeding was February 2nd-5th, and I just never started a new pack after that. We have been ttc this month, and now my period is 3 days late. I have had no signs of pms this month. My symptoms are late/missed period, clear discharge instead of period, fatigue, tingling pain in my boobs but they are not sore to the touch at all (last pregnancy they were sore to the touch), being extra gassy (sorry for tmi lol) and just overall being very cranky and emotional. It's hard to tell if I am pregnant or not because I know getting off of birth control can really mess up your cycle. But last time I was pregnant, I conceived the first month off of birth control and never had a period, and I had gotten two negatives when my period was due, then a week later got a positive. So although I know pregnancy is definitely possible at the moment, I am utterly confused because on March 2nd, the day my period was due, I tested in the morning and the test was negative. I am afraid to test again anytime soon because I don't want to get another negative, or waste money on tests if I turn out not to be pregnant. But since I had two false negatives at first with my last pregnancy, I am still hanging on to some hope and crossing my fingers!! I just really need some opinions on if I could really be lucky enough to have conceived again already. And also any personal stories of conceiving again after a stillbirth or miscarriage would help.

Re: TTC after a stillbirth at 22 weeks... need some advice/share personal story?

  • Seriously? Call your doctor. 
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  • I'm with @kreardon11. You need to call your doctor. Only they have the actual expertise and knowledge to answer this question. 
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  • sorry... i am new and did not think that anyone would be so rude in this section. I was told on another post to post it in ttc after loss... my mistake. 
  • I am TRYING to concieve after a LOSS. I am not even sure I am pregnant. I am TRYING to get pregnant after LOSING my child. No need to talk to someone that way..
  • Hope you are pregnant!!!!
  • Thank you Louser2be :) I am not pregnant yet. Hoping for this cycle! Must have been some funny side effects the first month from stopping the pill.
  • Hi there. I know that no one has posted on your thread for a while, and I hope I'm not bringing up bad feelings again, but I just wanted to say good luck! I know we can't always offer medical advice because we are not doctors, but this is a community for support. I am also TTC after my miscarriage and it has only been 5 weeks, but I'm hoping I am pregnant. After birth control, it took me a month to get my cycle again and I too had similar symptoms. The waiting is killer, but sometimes it's easier to focus on TTC instead of what you have lost. I hope you get a healthy baby soon. Your baby girl is watching over you, I'm sure. Hang in there!
  • It took me roughly a year and a half to conceive again after losing my baby girl at 22 weeks as well, it's been 6 almost 7 years now and have had a healthy baby boy, then lost another baby, and had a little girl and just recently a baby boy. It is possible and your body will let you conceive when the time is right! I honestly didn't think I could get pregnant after losing my first one and it took a little while but it is possible. I tried to conceive right away but I think it took my body some time to readjust from the miscarriage. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you get pregnant soon :)
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