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putting baby in nursery?

my daughter sleeps through the night, so it makes sense to put her in her own room. her cute little sounds are adorable but also distracting while trying to sleep. i feel guilty and like i'll miss her, though her room is directly across from mine. has anyone had their little ones in their own room yet?

Re: putting baby in nursery?

  • Oh you are so lucky! No advice here as my LO still wakes up 2x during the night, and for the past 3 nights, he decided to stay up from 4:30 or 5:30am until 10 am.
  • I have my twins in their own room and cribs... I started from the first day home from the hospital and it was super tough the first few nights.  We have a video monitor and they are just down the hallway from us.  Gradually you will become more comfortable and sleep better :)
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    LO would not sleep in the pack-n-play, so she went to the nursery by her 3rd night home. She seems so much more comfortable in the crib.
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  • I put my little guy in his own room at about 5 weeks, and he has been sleeping through the night since about 6 weeks. I really didn't intend to transition him over until about 12 weeks, but I'm glad my husband convinced me to give it an early shot.
  • Does anyone have any tips or tricks to get the lo used to sleeping in their crib?? My lo will sleep ANYWHERE but in his crib.... And I would like to start transitioning him over as he's already 6 weeks and is getting pretty big for his bassinet..
  • @bbXavier I started putting my son down for naps in the crib before putting him in at night. He would cry some but I just kept going back and giving him his paci. And before long he was fine to just be laid down. I also make sure I swaddled him good.
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