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Have to tell!!

So after a three year wait we will finally get to ttc beginning of May!! Hubs doesn't want me sharing this with friends or family due to added pressure BUT you're total strangers so this is ok! I am crazy excited about this and cant wait to start our ttc time. Thanks for sharing my crazy excitement!! ♡

Re: Have to tell!!

  • We haven't been waiting quite as long but we start TTC in May as well and I am so excited!

    Good Luck!
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  • We just got married this past August and decided to start TTC in November which is, I would assume, earlier than most newlyweds. However, now that we're married, everyone and their mother has been asking us when we're having a baby. Although it's only been 4 months of trying, it's so damn annoying to brush it off and pretend like we're not trying. We, too, don't want the pressure of people knowing and then waiting for the announcement. Although H did tell his two closest friends, for some reason (I think he was just overly excited too), but I don't feel pressure from them since they never bring it up fortunately.  

    Good luck to you and hubby :)
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    Good luck!
  • Yaaaay! It's so fun! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! 
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