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feeling like a failure

Potty training is seriously making me feel like a failure here. I want my daughter in preschool but couldn't this year because she wasn't fully potty trained. I want to put her in for September when she's 4 but I will need to find other schools who may not have the potty training requirement if she still hasn't nailed it (which would be 14 months of training by then). She's great with pee but she doesn't want to take herself away from whatever activity she's doing to poop. With pee, she'll be great at a broadway show when she's older - sit, go, done. Because she's not in preschool, I think she's now going to fall behind academically. I hate this so much.

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Re: feeling like a failure

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    Can you think of anything motivating enough that she'll want to poop on the potty?  I'm currently potty training my soon-to-be 3 year old and we discovered she was highly motivated by surprise eggs.  We just took plastic easter eggs and put little treats in them.  It can be anything from stickers, candy, little toys, etc.  Once she learned she was only going to get a surprise egg when she pooped, it worked like a charm.  I think sometimes the trick is to find what motivates them enough to want to go.  Best of luck.
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  • Pooping seems always harder for them then peeing in the potty. I remember it being a struggle with my DD and washing a lot of underwear because of it. No pointers but good luck, it will come. I was worried about that with DD as well and she was more then potty trained when preschool came around :)
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  • We have had to start taking toys away when she has an accident (either pee or poop) in the hopes that it would get her attention to pay attention to her signals.  She gets a toy back for poop (as well as pez, cash, stickers on her chart for prizes) or a perfect day.  I hate doing it and I have 7 of her dolls in my possession.  The last 4 out of 5 weeks at daycare she has had a pee accident when she used to be perfect there.  We praise and celebrate the living daylights out of poops and perfect days.  It's been 9 months and I am so frustrated and discouraged.  I registered her for preschool in sept and I am hoping by then she has nailed it or I will get yelled at for it.
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