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Best bottle

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We've been having issues with gas and spitting up, i've heard the doctor brown bottles are good. We use the natural flow AVENT now. I've tried the doctor brown bottle but he had difficulty latching to the smaller nipple but I have not tried the wider Neck ones. I don't want to invest in them if there're not going to make a difference, anyone have experience?

Re: Best bottle

  • We use the Tommie Tippee bottles secifically for gas and colic. She still has a little trouble with gas, but definitely not as much as before. We tried the Avent, Dr Browns, and Nuk. Good luck! We also put some gas drops in a few bottles a day.
  • We also use Tommie Tippee bottles. I usually BF, but need bottles for DC. For DS we had to switch to the slow flow nipples to slow him down while eating. But the wide nipples are more natural for baby to latch onto.

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  • I use the Como Tomo bottles. We started cause they are one of the closest to actual breastfeeding but gas is also minimized using these.
  • I have the breast flow bottles from the first year. He has to use the same motions as when he breast feeds so it helps him not get lazy :)
  • Honestly, we used the Tommee Tippees and I despise them. My little one was fussy and gassy and I didn't like them because they leaked. We switched to playtex ventaire... Different baby. Lot happier, not as fussy. So, I would recommend maybe trying those. But every baby is different. Good luck!!
  • Joovy's "Boob" bottle is AMAZING!  With a preemie who has to take 2 bottles a day, it's been amazing from the start.  The physical therapist in the NICU said that Tommee Tippees are the ones sent back most often (of course that's what we had, so we returned them).  Dr. Brown's extra parts weren't worth it for me.  The wide nipple on the Boob is perfect for switching between BFing and the bottle and the vent has worked with gassiness.  We love it!

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  • We switched to dr. Browns and notice a big difference. She used to spit up a lot more than she does now. Extra parts are worth it IMO.


  • We tried Avent, Dr. Brown, MAM, but the Playtex Nurser dropins are far superior for us.  Also has a nipple that mimics breastfeeding.
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  • I like the Tommee Tippy bottles, the wider nipples are closer to breastfeeding. We also have a few advent bottles, but our baby gets a little more gas with those. Cleaning all the parts of the Dr Brown bottles is not worth the time. However, every baby is different.
  • My little one has horrible gas, I have Medela bottles and doc brown. Last week I bought some platex nursers with the drop ins and huge difference! He is way less gassy, a lot more smiles!
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