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sore 4 months pp?

is anyone still having some discomfort after vaginal birth even 4 months pp?

This was my first baby, and it still feels sore sometimes (after alot of activity) Just wondering if anyone else experiences this ?

Re: sore 4 months pp?

  • Yes, I do. I had what felt like a million stitches and every now and then after I've been very active I'm still sore. I think it's muscles that are still healing from a tear. You aren't alone. 

  • Every once and a while I still get a little sore and I'm just about 5 months pp. This was my first baby as well.
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  • I am also sore on occasion. This was my first and I had stitches so I imagine it takes a long time to recover from that. I notice it after being active or sitting on hard surfaces. I wonder how long this will last?
  • have you guys been able to have sex again? or does that hurt too much?

  • I have had the same problem being sore and sex hurt. It is just starting to feel comfortable again.
  • I had this problem up until really getting back into having sex again. It hurt at first but we just went really slow and figured out what was most comfortable then, honestly, it was like it helped to massage everything and it would just feel so much more comfortable afterwards. It's a little weird. That was around 3-4 months PP and now at 6 I really don't think about it or notice it anymore and this is after 2nd degree tearing.
  • Yep! I was still very sore and unable to have sex at 16 weeks so I went to the OB. Turned out I had some granulation tissue that needed to be removed and my episiotomy hadn't completely healed and needed to be revised. I had the procedure at 19 weeks and now at 26 weeks I am feeling 98% in regards to soreness and will hopefully be painfree when we resume sex.
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