Cloth Diapering

stains from vitamins?

Any advice on getting them out? It will be hatder to resell if they are all splotchy orange... or should I consider a tie dye cover up?
I am nowhere near reselling, the girls are 9 weeks old and 8.5 and 9.8 lbs so we have a way to go yet. Hubby is finally on board and changing with cloth at night! :-)

So I have a HE washer on a well, with a softener. Using Dreft or F&C on baby stuff and diapers. Rinse and spin, cold. Then warm wash with extra rinse. Come out clean except some poop stains, and dont smell until soiled again. Recommended warm wash tumble dry low. Too much snow right now to line dry. My hubby says I should bleach or hot wash and he has dried one load on high heat already, when he helped. Am I doing it wrong? Any seasoned CD vets have a better system or advice? Thanks in advance :-)
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Re: stains from vitamins?

  • I've heard that sunning diapers can help a whole lot with stains also.  Can also try RLR in your wash.

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