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milk intolerance?

Hi! The pedi is having me cut dairy out of my diet because I told her I think DS has mucus in his diaper, however she has not seen one of his diapers for herself yet. I can''t tell if there is mucus or if he has normal breastfed poop. It looks normal but if I rub both sides of the diaper together, the sides kind of stick to each other like clear strings. I am just confused because his diapers do not look like the mucousy diapers on the internet. I am going to show her his diaper at his next appointment. Any opinions on what I described? If anyone is feeling brave, let me know if there are clear strings that stick together when you rub the diaper together. 
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Re: milk intolerance?

  • Yup, my son's diaper has clear strings like you described. I'm off dairy too but not because of the poop but because I thought his poop was too runny and our pediatrician said to maybe go off dairy. But honestly, don't worry, it is very rare that babies are really lactose intollerant, my pedi said it's most of the time just that the babies have trouble digesting the protein and that with time it gets better. I did however stay off dairy and switched to hypoallergenic formula and it did make him feel better.
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