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Diaper rash cream

are there any creams you prefer to use with cloth? Or any to avoid? Will be cloth diapering dd when she is born :) Tia!

Re: Diaper rash cream

  • Desitin, A&D, and most of the grocery store diaper creams are not cloth diaper friendly.

    I just use CJ's when needed but more often than not, no diaper cream is needed for ds2's bottom.

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  • @theultimatesak got a pm to spare since you're doing so well?

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    I'm a fan of The Cloth Diaper Tech Support group on Facebook
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  • We have been using Earth Mama Angel Baby Angel Baby Bottom Balm. Its a bit pricey, but is lasting, so far no rashes... am new to CD.
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  • Aquaphor is not cd friendly either.. I'm fairly new to cloth diapering and everyone had stocked us up on the stuff but luckily I checked it out before using it on our new diapers.

    It seems like most have to be ordered over the Internet. We used California baby at first but it doesn't really seem to work so we switched to angel baby, so far it's much better.
  • Coconut oil is also a popular option.

    Grovia Magic Stick is probably my favorite as far as the commercially available CD safe creams go. Grandma El's for more stubborn situations.

    I've also started to make my own, because I like Waxelene but can't find it locally.

  • I use CJ's also, they have one that comes in a stick that is like a large chapstick that is much easier to apply than many of the other kinds.  Also, the sented ones I find pretty weird.  Some have a strange flowery or fruity smell which gets odd when mixed with urine so I stick with unsented.

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  • I LOVE CJs. I used Grandma El's for awhile but had repelling issues. Coconut oil is good too if you want something simple.

    Pretty much avoid everything that you get anywhere but at a cloth diaper store (besides coconut oil which you get at the grocery store)
  • I use coconut oil. As PPs said, stay away from anything you don't know to be cloth diaper safe for sure. When DS has a bad rash I use a spray bottle and add coconut oil and grapefruit seed extract to the water and use with every change. When he was a nb I premade wipes the same way. It works wonders.
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    Is Burts Bees multi purpose ointment CD safe? It says coconut oil enriched. Anyone know. Thanks! 

  • Coconut oils alone works wonders but if you can add a few drops of lavander essential oil that helps a lot with rashes :D
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