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Posted once before...first round of IVF

Hi Ladies,

I posted once before introducing myself and haven't had a chance to get back on.  Things have been crazy.  I took a new job at a daycare taking care of has been a challenge.

my DH and i had our first round of IVF this past month....we are right now in the dreaded 2ww and I am anxiously awaiting my blood test on March 5 to find out if it sticks.  I've had some weird symptoms since the treatment including cramping (that kind of feels like PMS), a little nausea and sore breasts. 

I took a pregnancy test and got a BFN which tells me the trigger shot is out of my system, but am wondering if anyone has been through this and has any idea when to take a HPT that may result in a positive.  I had the 3 day transfer on Feb 22 so tomorrow marks one week.

Anyone have similar symptoms or can give me an idea about the HPT?

Re: Posted once before...first round of IVF

  • Congratulations on your new job!   I would ignore the symptoms until it's time to test, they are coming from your PIO shots.  Generally speaking you should count 14 days from your retrieval for a sure fire test day.  Many people test before that, but you can bank on the result of the two week test.  GL

    Married for 7 years, TTC for 4 years
    dx:  Diminished Ovarian Reserve
    2 Clomid IUI's + 4 injectable IUI's= 5 BFNs and 1 mc

  • Hi ladies,

    Took a hpt this morning and got a slight line in the positve area. Going to test tomorrow too. Cramps hurt a lot this afternoon and i had some weird bleeding that looks brown/pink. I cant tell if it's implantation or the start of there a way to tell the diff? Feels like menstrual cramps but not 100%
  • I recently finished my first IVF cycle and I can relate, the 2WW is horrible! Our doctor recommended not taking HPT but to rather wait for the blood test results. I also experienced cramping, but it is normal, especially if you take progesterone. My test came back positive, and I still have cramps. I think you should relax, everything sounds normal, I sure everything will turn out just fine.
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