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gro clock

Has anyone had success with a gro clock? My 28 month old gets up at 5am every single morning, no matter what time her bedtime...or whether shes had a nap. Im not sure if shes too young to understand one of those clocks.
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Re: gro clock

  • I haven't used a gro clock but I do know that my boss taught her 3 year old about "sleeping in" on the weekends.  She took a regular clock (not digital) and taped hands cut from construction paper on it to designate 7:00.  She told her little one that he couldn't get out of bed until the hands of the clock matched up with those hands.  It took her 2 weekends and he got it.
  • We love our gro clock!  We introduced it when my son turned two!  It was a bit of work for the first couple weeks but eventually he got it and now he never gets up before the sun comes out!  The key is to set it for a time that's do-able for the age of your child.  For us we find that 6:30am works great, and we find that lots of mornings now he sleeps till 6:45-7.
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  • We have the older my tot clock and love it. It works so well and if he happens to get up at night we say what color is your clock? And he'll say blue and go back to bed.
    You can also try one of the plug in programable timers people use for Christmas light and when they go out of town. Just plug a small lamp or nightlight into it and say you need to sleep until the light comes on. Those timers are like $5.
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