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Pregnant on blood thinner

I had a pulmonary embolism and was put on blood thinners about two weeks ago. I was told by a midwife that I would have to be induced when it came close to my due date because of the medicine. I'm really not happy about hearing this. I plan on talking to the doctor about it at my next appointment but wanted to know if anyone here has had experience with blood thinners while pregnant. Did you have to be induced? Did the blood thinners cause any problems? My last pregnancy went so smoothly so I'm a little nervous this time around since I'm only 13 weeks and have already had something go wrong.

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  • I'm on blood thinners as well and my doctor told me I will have to be induced. I'm not happy about it either but it's what they do when you're in blood thinners to make sure it's out your system.
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  • It's to risky to let you go naturally you could absolutely bleed out if you still had the blood thinner in your system. You need to what's going to keep you ans baby safe and healthy.
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  • I think it would depend on the blood thinner. If you are on lovenox, they will switch you a few weeks before your due date to heparin. That way the acting time would be much shorter and you could avoid being induced.
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  • I'm on lovunox and they are switching me to heparin, but they will still induce me. My ob said they will start checking my cervix at 39 weeks, and they won't induce until my cervix is ready.
  • Thanks everyone, I appreciate it. I know when it comes down to it I will accept whatever I have to do to keep my baby safe. I am on lovenox since that seems to make a tiny difference. I guess the real problem is just the fact that the whole situation makes me nervous. Maybe talking to my doctor at my next appointment will calm me down a little bit.
  • I'm on Lovenox as well my doc isn't going to transition me she's inducing me once she feels it's safe haven't quite discussed the details of this but you can safely deliver after 12-18 hrs of your last lovenox dose, it mainly bc of the epidural or if you had to have a csection!
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    I'm on Lovenox for this pregnancy due to bilateral pulmonary emboli I had last year. My OB said she prefers to switch to heparin towards the end. There is a medication that can be given to reverse the effects of heparin. My high risk OB said that he doesn't really switch patients to heparin anymore, but my OB doesn't feel good about that. She has never said anything about inducing though.
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  • I'm on Lovenox and will get switched to Heparin a few weeks before a scheduled c-section (my 3rd) then taken off all 24 hours before. It's to make sure there is no excessive bleeding during surgery and epideral. It stinks being on it and doing a c-section but it is what the doctor thinks is best for the health of the baby. It will all be worth it in the end when you hold your LO!
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  • I am on Lovenox twice daily they have not decided whether or not they will put me on heparin or not but will most likely induce last pregnancy I was on Lovenox one time a day then switch me to heparin had planned to induce one week early but she came on her own 11 days early
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