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3 under 1

my daughter is about 5.5 months old and I am due August 30th with twins (so more than likely before then) I will have three little ones under one. Am I alone here??

Re: 3 under 1

  • Wowwwwwwww!!! Congrats!
  • Nope..we did 4u17months:)
    DD is now 28 mons and triplets will be 1 on the 18th.
    Congrats! !


    No periods due to 17 years of ballet and distance running after college.  Zero response to 2 months of Clomid, little response to Letrozole.  IUI left with 9 cysts = too many viable eggs due to age.  On to IVF.  Low dose of all meds still produced 37 mature eggs 12.6.11.  Froze due to overstimulation.  

    FET #1.1 1.22.12 BFN.   FET #1.2 2.22.12=GRACE! (and a vanishing twin).  

    Grace Katherine born 10.25.12 @ 36w6w 6#14oz 19.5".
    FET #1.3 3.2013 BFN FET#1.4 4.2013 BFN. Never tried a fresh transfer.  Let's try, despite 10 still frozen.  
    ER 6.26.13 27 mature eggs, slight overstim. ET   7.1.13 ectopic, FET 2.1  9.10.14   TRIPLETS!!  

    Boys born 3.18.14 @ 29w5d.  Andrew Jack 3#6oz 16", Grant Robert 3#9oz 16", Charles Phillip 3#7oz 17".

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