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Just curious as to whose babies are sitting up by themselves at this point. My little guy is 28 weeks today and he can sit for a few seconds if I put him in a seated position but isn't doing it on his own yet. On the other hand hes been scooting around everywhere for over a month, so I'm thinking he just likes checking things out from his belly?? Any input would be helpful

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  • Mine is doing the same as yours. He is sitting a little longer each day. I have to put him in that position and he learns forward when sitting but he usually gradually falls and goes to his belly. He does sit in the shopping cart but I put a beach towel around him like a small boppy :)
  • Ours is super close to being able to sit on his own when I put him in a seated position (they don't learn how to get into the positiong for a bit yet from what I read). Our ped said it might take him a while to really get the balance down for sitting bc of his big head :) It's in the 98th percentile! So when he starts to tip, timber! But soon I think he'll get it!
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  • Mine has been sitting up for about a month, and just last week figured out how to sit from being on her belly. She is pretty petite (1st- 4th percentile for everything) so she doesn't have a whole lot of weight to hold up.

  • Mine has been sitting since 21 or 22 weeks but is hopeless on his tummy :) just figured out how to roll last week and seems to have forgotten again. Pulls his knees up under his hips but barely pushes up with his arms. He's startibgb to put weight on his legs in a standing position though :)
  • Mine is sitting up now but she often jerks her head back when sitting
  • Mine sits and leans forward and then maneuvers onto belly then just rolls round and round reaching for things. Or if he doesn't lean forward, he timbers to the right or left. Just like belly time, do some sitting time. Mine likes to play around with exercise ball. I put him on it in different positions: sitting, tummy, standing next to while he's holding it...he gets his exercise and I get in my stretches.
  • so I guess I shouldn't have been worried! DS has sat up 3 times today so far and started crawling on hands and knees! I'm so excited haha, I definitely need to rethink my baby proofing though lol, he's literally into everything.
    Thanks so much for the replies everyone :) 

  • I feel like my DD is behind but she also had open heart surgery so i can not be too hard on myself. SHe rolls over form her back to her tummy and will lift her head up and her butt up but thats about it. She will get there at her own pace. 


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  • I have a friend whose little guy is 8 months snd he just started rolling over and sitting on his own. Every baby is different but they'll get there! For now it's pretty fun to see them problem solve when they want to learn how to do something!
  • DD is 7 months and has been sitting on her own very well without support for 3-4 weeks. Regardless, she has only rolled over twice or so... Seemed to be very content and/or lazy! Would like her to choose to try and be mobile, but the sitting is going well, as a positive.
  • Mines sitting up with no problem. I'm having problems with him laying on his stomach he doesn't like it.
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