Pregnant after 35

Betas almost (not quite) doubling.... UPDATE

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Long story short, I was constipated on Monday, and as I was straining to poop, I passed a small blood clot vaginally and had some brown spotting afterwards. The doctor had me come in for a blood draw that afternoon, with a follow up draw, which I did in Wednesday morning. I didn't realize you should ideally have 48 hours between the draws-mine was closer to 40. I got the results back today-91 first draw, 160 second. No spotting since Tuesday. The doctor wasn't too concerned, but of course I am. I go for another draw tomorrow. Please send good thoughts our way!

I just got my results from my blood draw on Friday afternoon: 562!!!! Woohoooooo!!! :D

Re: Betas almost (not quite) doubling.... UPDATE

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