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Any Cute Ideas for Announcing You Are Expecting

I've been all over the internet looking for cute ways to announce my pregnancy. I think I have some ideas in mind but I was curious to hear what ideas you all had in mind! Mind sharing?

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  • I'm thinking of announcing on Easter. With an egg. I've seen then in pinterest and I think it's super cute plus I'll be 12weeksby then. But idk if ilk be able to wait that long lol
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  • I just bought a big sister shirt for my 15 month old and I plan to have her holding a chalkboard sign saying something about #2 due in October or something like that. Something very pinteresty. :)
  • We are going to tell our family on easter...same with the easter eggs idea from pinterest. That or i saw a sign that says "were EGGspecting due october 2015". I thought that was cute too!
  • This was our announcement with #1. Haven't thought of an idea for this one yet. image
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  • This is how we shared the news with our siblings. Haven't told anyone else other than family.
  • Part of me just wanted to tell both of our families instantly because I was so over-the-moon excited, but we're going to tell our families at our DS's first birthday party. We're going to give him a bib or a shirt or something that says "Big Brother" or something along those lines. :) As far as telling everyone else? Not sure yet. I usually just tell people and post some sort of picture (pregnancy test/baby bump) on Facebook. I'm not very creative with announcements, haha.
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  • We want to do a picture of our feet with converse on (our wedding shoes) with our birth years written in chalk in front and a pair of baby chucks with Oct 2015 in front. Can't wait!
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    Our original plan was to announce at Easter with these adorable "message in a real egg" boxes...but, an ER trip for kidney stones led to DH wanting to share with his mom and our church for prayers and support. Of course, telling his mom meant telling his dad and grandmother, which meant telling my mom, which removed any illusion of the news not getting out so we made a chalkboard announcement for Facebook.
  • I got my son (2yrs) a shirt that says 'im going to be a big brother' he wore it to our parents places! It workd realy well!!
  • I put an "I'm going to be a big sister" shirt on our youngest dog and let her run around until my parents read it. Then I gave them a Congratulations card with an ultrasound picture in it. The card was dog-themed and was signed by our four dogs and Baby A and Baby B!! I will tell my sister at her belated birthday dinner with a "Happy Birthday Aunt" card. Still trying to come up with ideas for his family. We're telling his parents Saturday.

    There are all kinds of cute ideas. Make a meal with Baby Back Ribs, Baby Carrots and Baby Corn. Make something using Prego spaghetti sauce and add "We are" to the jar and leave it where it can be seen. Give someone Sugar Babies or a Babe Ruth candy bar. Give a grandma/grandpa/aunt/uncle themed gift. . We thought of having a special message put on a cookie cake to present to his parents. . Telling others is so much fun!
  • I got a shirt made for my son about needing a side kick and I'm getting my ultra sound today so I'm gonna take pictures of him holding the picture in his shirt :)
  • For DD, we were planning to run in a Get Lucky 7K on St. Patty's day weekend, so we made a shirt for my husband (screen printed) that said, "My wife is carrying our lucky charm!" on the front, and, "Lucky charm due: ____" on the back. We took a pic of that shirt with my running tank that said "Running for two" with two little feet on the front (, and then posted it on FB (once we had told close friends and family.

    This time around, I think we'll take a picture of DD in our exercise room with dumbbells and her yoga mat at her feet, and write "___________ is getting pumped! She's preparing to be a big sister this fall!" across the picture. DH is a personal trainer and I am a coach. The two of us are into fitness and people will appreciate the trend. :)
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  • I am going to get a shirt made for my son who is 2.5 yrs old that says "only child expiring oct 2015" and have a family get together.
  • This is what I ordered and plan to send out to extended family and friends end of March!
  • I bought those plastic Easter eggs and I plan on putting messages inside saying "Hi, I'm hatching October 2015! Love Baby E."  I love that the Easter eggs are out in stores because they come in all different colors and sizes!  I bought sparkly ones :)  haha
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  • I got a shirt that says "I'm so pregnant". Shirt is from hello apparel. And I love it :)
  • I'm getting a kids book called "grandma and me" and giving it to my boyfriend's mom with the ultrasound inside. Gonna do it the Friday after the ultrasound...two weeks from now!

    I called my mom and told her the night I found out because I tell her everything. And she has cancer with only a few months to live, and she wants a grandbaby so I told her she has to hold on.

    For everyone else, boyfriends extended family, Something with Easter eggs. Everyone else will get a phone call as they are far away.
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    Craig and I have done the family announcement for his and my parents even though we are only 5 weeks pregnant...

    I would attach a file but it doesn't want to!!!

    Any way for his parents with lined up our shoes in a row. Fishing boots for my hubby, sandals for me and tiny veldskoene for baba. We used letters to write Mom Dad Baby. That was for his parents cause they are very simple, clean cut, no frills, no fuss people. For my Mom it was lots of frills and effort. Being in Dubai I couldn't manage a delivery so my best friend Phoebe made gift boxes. Inside the box was a poem for each person (mom, sis, gran) and a baby grow. I have a video of their reaction opening the box and it was worth the wait and effort. I loved it.

    Our big 12 week announcement for everyone else will be a picture involving fishing rods as hubby and I love fishing! Very excited.... hope this helps!
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