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Thrush ?

I noticed DS has a couple of white bumps on the inside of his lip and gums. I called the pedi and They assumed thrush and called in a prescription for him and I ( even though I don't have any symptoms)

Since I didn't go in for the visit I forgot to ask is there anything else I need to do to help this go away? ( clean toys, pacifiers, etc)

I just started him on solids 3 days ago should I stop until he is cleared up?

How many days did thrush last of your LO had it?
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Re: Thrush ?

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    My DD had thrush when she was about a month old. It took forever to fully get rid of, like maybe 3-4 weeks? The nystatin mouth stuff is so gross and she hated doing it. YES, sterilize everything! We started sterilizing bottles and pacifiers every time we washed them with a microwave sterilizer and didn't have anymore problems. Hang in there!
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