Pregnant after 35

posted twice

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I posted the poll twice because I tried to edit and say "haven't decided" as an option.

And now i can't delete the second post, but I can change what I says, which is what this rambling is about.

**siggy warning**

Current Age 35, DH 33

Married 9/2011

BFP 8/2012, Miscarried 9/2012

BFP 9/2012, DS 6/2013

BFP 6/2014, Miscarried 7/2014

BFP 7/2014, DD 4/2015

posted twice 4 votes

Natural - no pain meds at all.
25% 1 vote
Pain meds but no epidural. I want to be able to walk
0% 0 votes
Epidural, but hopefully still able to feel mild contractions to help with pushing
50% 2 votes
Epidural, I don't want to feel a thing!
25% 1 vote
0% 0 votes
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