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When did you introduce a lovey?

We r in between swaddling right now, sometimes she likes it sometimes not..... I think a lovey might help.... When did u introduce one to your baby?

Re: When did you introduce a lovey?

  • What is a lovey? If its just a generic term for something to cuddle like a blankey then my babe started in earnest around 4 months. She used a small part-stuffed animal/part-blankey thing to cuddle when she started daycare. Then she started taking naps unswaddled with just a blankey to cuddle and did good. At just over 5 months I started putting her down in her bed for the night unswaddled but with her swaddling blanket to cuddle and I've never looked back! When shes feeling good she pretty much rolls over and goes to sleep. Oh, I also give her a pacifier.
  • Our DD went through 4 lovies the first year. trying to find what she preferred. We used stuffed animals and then I found a blankie that I favored for nap and bed time. I would say around 5 months is when she took interest in the stuffed animals. Not until 12 months did she find a favorite. DH bought her a cheap dog from walmart that she is obsessed with. I wish I had a picture. he is missing more than 1/2 his fur and his ears are ALWAYS falling off! Suggestion is that when your LO finds a lovie to try and purchase 2 or 3 to rotate so you are able to clean/ care for them!! I went back to walmart to buy another dog and of course there are none to be found!

    Good luck!

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  • At about 4 months. DD didn't really get attached to it right away but now she seems to like it. She is a good sleeper though so I don't know how much the lovey makes a difference, but I think she likes having something soft to hold. I don't let her sleep with it overnight though 'cause she's still so little, I take it away once she's asleep. We have the Angel Dear animal blankeys that you can get in 2- and 3-packs.
  • My LO has been obsessed with his lovey since he hit about 4.5 months! He has one from Aden + Anais that he received as a present, and I went back and bought another one in case he loses it. ;) I don't let him sleep with it at night because I don't want anything in his crib as a hazard, but he loves cuddling with it during short naps or when he's in the car seat or stroller. 

    As for the help with swaddling, I can't really say anything about that because my son never liked to be swaddled. But have you tried a sleep sack? My son sleeps with one every night. It might be a good next step if your LO is starting to break away from swaddling but still wants to cuddle with something in the crib! We have a few from Halo and Aden + Anais and love both brands.
  • Both of mine rejected any attempts at lovies. True story, if it isn't a pacifier (DD) or a boob (DS) they throw at me in indignation & rage. :P

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  • I'm just curious, I yhoightbit was dangerous to leave a stuffed toy or blankie in the crib in case they suffocate???
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  • I'm just curious, I yhoightbit was dangerous to leave a stuffed toy or blankie in the crib in case they suffocate???

    Yes. Most pediatricians can't advise lovies before a year. Mine was firmly against anything but baby in the crib. Neither of mine like blankets or lovies so we skated lol

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  • My LO started using a lovey in the car.  We started at around 19 weeks. 
  • We started the wubbanub paci a few weeks back and she is almost 13weeks now. But she loves it bc she is learning to hold on to it.
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