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Baby refusing formula

My son is 8 weeks old and I have either breastfed or given him pumped bottles from day one. He seems to be extremely sensitive to anything I eat, anytime I drink coffee or milk, or eat anything mildly spicy he gets gas. When I go back to work when he is 13 weeks old I plan on pumping but I am having a really hard time saving any milk because he pretty much downs anything I pump or breastfeeds to where there is nothing left. So I tried supplementing to get ahead and he completely refuses formula, I used Enfamil for sensitive tummys. Anyone have this issue?

Re: Baby refusing formula

  • Try gradually. Start with mostly breast milk and just a little formula. Slowly and gradually add more formula to ur breast milk until u are able to feed him just formula alone. It may take some time, but just be patient and work with ur little one. Remember it may also be the formula u are using. Hope this helps :)
  • Thanks :) I'm trying a different kind and we are only doing 2 ounces of formula a day now! Hopefully we get there lol
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