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What names go well with the last name Wright?

I don't know if I'm having a boy or a girl, but my boyfriend and I talked about it, and we're going to give the baby his last name, but I'm not sure what first and middle name sounds good with the last name Wright. My name is Julie, and his is Julian, and we've gotten joke answers because our names are so similar, but neither of us like the nickname 'jewels' so I don't think we're going to name our baby Julia like my mom said.

Re: What names go well with the last name Wright?

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    My son's name is Oliver Hudson Wright. Hudson is my maiden name. We actually had a bunch of names picked out. The names we ended up shying away from started with R or had long i vowel sounds.
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    "Always."  Or "Mister" if it's a boy.  Sorry, I couldn't help it :-)
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