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Any recommendations for transition from bm to formul

I have spoken with my doc and they have informed me it is natural for a baby's digestive system to have a hard time with the switch. I started a week ago giving my 1 month old two bottles of formula during the day to supplement. Within a few days she was extremely fussy and clearly her tummy was hurting. Agin the pediatrician told me that was normal for the transition but it broke my heart. I have to start the switch because I am going back to work soon. I have looked online that mixing a bottle starting 10% formula 90% breast milk will ease her into formula and increase the formula ratio every 4 days. I also changed from the supplementing formula to a sensitive formula
Has anyone made the switch? Any recommendations?

Re: Any recommendations for transition from bm to formul

  • I did weaned with part bm, part formula for about two weeks. I first tried enfamil gentlease, but she was so fussy and having lots of tummy pain. I gave that formula 6 days and it wasn't getting any better. I then switched to gerber good start gentle bc after doing lots of research it is one of the easiest to digest and the closest to bm. After the first day, she was sooooo much better. I highly recommend trying that formula. It changed feedings for us. It also doesn't smell anything like the other formula. It's much more pleasant and the consistency is even thinner. I'm a huge fan and so is my LO. I also switched from avent bottles to the playtex nurser drop-ins and its more like nursing. She's doing great with both and I have completely weaned. Hope this helps and good luck!!
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