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London mummy's ?

Hey All , I Posted before looking for london mummy's I didn't know there was an international bumpies forum so I thought I'd post again on here hoping to find some ! I'm 20 years old n this is my first :)

Re: London mummy's ?

  • We do exist on here! Whereabouts are you hoping to give birth and when? I'm a lurker on this board but due 23rd March. Congratulations
  • @secretbaba hey I'm going to give birth hopefully @ homerton hospital in Hackney even though I live in chigwell , Ur due soon !!! Where are you going to give birth ? I'm due in October ! So far away
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  • Whittington (hopefully birth centre, we'll find out this week if we're still eligible) in Archway! Nice to see another London mummy on here, I don't think there are many of us. Very soon! From tomorrow I'm 37 weeks so it could happen any day ☺️
  • @secretbaba good luck !!! And your right there isn't many of us on here , infact I think we may be the only ones , oh yes I've heard of archway ! Hope u have a easy labour !!!!
  • I'm in Greenwich, but moving back to the US soon. DS and I have really enjoyed London! Happy to answer any Qs.
  • And your right there isn't many of us on here

    Hey ladies!

    No1 has posted here for a while but just came across this... Live in Reading (near London) but lived in London for a few years.

    I'm pregnant with my #1 at 5wks 2days, EDD is 6th Dec.

    Hopefully this forum can continue as it would be living for us to share our experiences.

    A h&h 9 months to us all!
  • mrieemriee member
    I'm 25 weeks atm so due in early August and I live in Mill hill, barnet basically, glad to see some "local" moms around ☺
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