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3 year old speech delay

I am curious to know if any of you moms out there have a child that simply was a late talker? No autism spectrum disorder or other diagnosis. Any responses would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance for your kindness.

Re: 3 year old speech delay

  • My LO wasn't a late talker but what does your Pedi say? Have you had your child evaluated?
  • I feel I am pretty much in your same situation my DS1 will be 3 in two months and while I understand what he is trying to say I feel others close to his age have a better vocab than he does. I mean while he can pronounce many words there are others that almost sound made up but since he has said them so much around me I know what they mean.. on the other hand he is physically very developed in that is hand eye coordination is excellent as well as his problem solving skills.. he loves puzzles and building things and just seems to be more hands on than 'verbal' ... once he turns 3 I was thinking of taking him to a speech 'therapy' class since for now the doctors say he is doing great in every other aspect and does not show any sign of any disorder.. I look forward to other moms responses just to see the relatable circumstances..GL

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  • My friend is in your boat. My close friends and I have 4 boys within 8 weeks of each other, so it was always very obvious when we were together that he was far behind the rest of the boys. She was very defensive for awhile about it, I think too because he is clearly bright and on track in every other way. Finally at 4 she got him evaluated and sure enough he was recommended for PreK program that would provide speech intervention, which now she is totally pleased and on board with. What you're describing is very normal. I would recommend getting a professional opinion. There are so many great programs out there and many of them are funded.

  • my nephew was 3 in September and at that point he wasn't really talking much at all.  He was watched by a woman who I'm pretty sure sat him in front of the tv most of the day.  He started preschool in September and has improved  drastically.  My SIL was debating getting him into some sort of speech therapy, but he's improved so much since starting school she's decided to hold off.
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