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Looking for advice. I am breastfeeding and started supplementing two feedings per day with formula so the transition would be easy when I go back to work.. Well we tried similac for supplementation and my poor girl has been up all night since then with belly/gas pains. I have used gripe water, gas drops and tummy calm and they work but only briefly, can anyone recommend formula they have used for babies with extremely sensitive tummies?

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  • This should be a question for your pediatrician.

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  • I talked to her about it and she said it's more of a personal preference that gas is perfectly normal when making a change
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  • I've heard good things about the gerber gentle (it's supposed to be the closest thing to breastmilk) but haven't used it myself. I'll be making the switch from breastmilk to formula soon myself in preparation of returning to work, so I'll let you know if I find something that works. Unfortunately, I think it'll be trial and error with what works for each baby.
  • I started out with the similac as well and it was really harsh on my little girls belly so I switched to the enfamil supplementing formula and it seems to be better for her. A lot of moms on the Internet seem to agree with similac being a little harsher.
  • I'm breastfeeding also but due to my low milk supply my son's pediatrician gave me enfamil supplementing formula samples to use. He did really well on it. But I couldn't find any at a couple of stores I tried so I switched to similac supplementing. He's doing ok but tends to spit up on this one. So I'll definitely be switching back to enfamil. And I agree that similac is harsher. Also, his pediatrician recommend that enfamil is normally better than gerber. But I guess that's all personal preference.
  • I am using similac for supplementation, we only give formula occasionally. Enfamil made my babies spit up really bad, but this seems to do fine. I read that the supplementation formula is supposed to be best for babies who are used to BM. Its really gentle on their tummies.
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  • I do know that Similac makes a formula that is for sensitive tummies. It's in a green package.
  • My lil one had the exact same problems. We switched to similar for sensitivity. It has helped some much her reflux was horrible. Have your lil one sit up about 30 mins after feedings and elevate when sleeping. Hope it helps
  • Nan1 is good or not?
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