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Pregnant after a Loss

Intro: 3rd PG after two losses +low HCG

hello everyone, I am 32 years old, nearly 5 weeks pregnant right now, and on progesterone support, given my earlier history.

2014 was a rough year - I got pregnant twice but sadly those were missed misscarriage (March) and blighted ovum (December).

We weren't really trying this time but I conceived right after one cycle, and here I am. Scared and tired of hearing bad news every time I visit the doctor (though thank God she is a lovely lady who totally gets my situation.)

I just got my blood report and my HCG is really low at 115. My doc was hoping for something like 2000+, so now all she says is to wait n hope, and repeat after a week. I am so tired now that I can't bear the thought of constant testing and ultrasounds.

I feel so confused and sad as to why no baby would grow in me. A heartbeat, a kick.....

I would really appreciate if anyone could share any positive success story that someone has despite low HCG. Would help me to hold on to it for positivity.

I pray for no one to experience this even once, leave alone thrice....

Re: Intro: 3rd PG after two losses +low HCG

  • I'm in a similar situation as you and just posted about it. Have you seen a reproductive endocrinologist? Sometimes they start testing after a second loss but most often after 3 losses.
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    Hi @pandabear55, I read your post and I really hope you do not find yourself in my current situation - update below.

    I am currently miscarrying my third. It's a chemical pregnancy (another name, same result) and I started to spot even before I took the med.

    Yes I saw an RE after my second attempt. All my blood work on infections, clotting factors and immune status came out normal. Our next step, now after 3rd loss, is genetic counselling and IUI.

    I hate to have us in this situation. Good luck with your U/s next week. Take care.

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