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New to formula --supplementing breastfeeding

I'm an exclusive pumper and my supply is going down (and I don't want to try to bring it back) my LO is almost 4 months old. I have tried to give her a little formula and she HATEs it. Tonight she went into an hour scream Fest after I tried to give her some formula. Anyone know anything to try ? Eventually she will hAVE to take the formula.

Re: New to formula --supplementing breastfeeding

  • What kind of formula did you use? I would probably ask your pedi? What kind do they use in the hospital where you gave birth?
    When I supplemented, I used Similac Advance which is what they use the the hospital where I gave birth. We ended up switching to Similac Sensitive after a few weeks, but it was per my pedi's recommendation.
  • I'm also curious on which formula you used. All formulas have different tastes... Some sweeter than others because some have sugar as first ingredient. Maybe you can test out a few and see which one LO will take.
    I supplent right now and it was hard at first for LO to take formula... But within a day or two he got used to it.
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  • Also, a lot of people start off mixing breast milk with a little bit of formula and increase the formula amt over a few days/weeks so LO gradually gets used to the taste but the change is not too drastic.
  • That is what I'm doing exactly--right now, at most feedings , there is 3 oz of breast milk and 1 oz of formula. Next week it will be 2 oz and 2oz ...well, that's at least my plan...
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