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morning sickness??

I'm in my 6th week... I've had a stuffy nose, excessive cervical mucus, and I'm tired but haven't been sleeping well (lots of crazy dreams!). I've not really had the typical sore boobs and nausea, at least not yet. I've experienced two missed miscarriages in the past and didn't have morning sickness with either one. I've read statistics that women who experience morning sickness are less likely to miscarry, so unlike most women, I'm hoping it'll hit me. If any of you are further along or have had past pregnancies, in what week did morning sickness show up for you and how long did it last?

Re: morning sickness??

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    I have had nausea for weeks, so it would put it around 3 weeks preggers. My husband and I ignored all the symptoms, just thought I caught whatever was going around. I have family that have never had morning sickness their entire pregnancy. Everyone is unique. Keep your chin up and try not to read too much into statistics, it will only cause more stress and anxiety.
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    my 1st I had no sickness at all.. my second child I was sick from week 6 all the way to week 34! it was so horrible! I hate throwing up!!!!
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