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what are the thoughts on this for under 2 year olds? In particular a 6 month old?
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Re: Orajel

  • I use it on my 8 month old.  I have only used it twice, but I admit I've used it.  He slept through the night, so I think it helped him.
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  • We were about to buy some until we spoke with our pediatrician. He advises against using numbing medicines like orajel because when swallowed it numbs the throat and can be a choking hazard.  Not something I would have thought of (especially because it's never numbed me that badly- but I guess babies are different).  Even though my MIL (practicing registered nurse) says her office recommends it, we're sticking with the pediatrician's advice.

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  • It is not recommended for children under 2, so I wouldn't risk it.
    I use white fir essential oil, just touch the tip of the bottle (so it's less than 1 drop of the oil) and rub it on gums. I also use about a half dose of infant tylenol (or a full dose if it is really bothering him). The oil provides immediate relief while the Tylenol provides lasting relief.
    DS got his first 2 teeth at 11 weeks and at 6 months has 6 teeth, so I've come to swear by this combo.
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