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Chart Help?

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Hi everyone! I could use your help in looking at this month's chart...

(and if this is the wrong forum or group, PLEASE let me know and I'll remove ASAP...I'm just back to the system after three years and not sure of all of the rules!)


My temps were all over the place after what I thought was my O date -- CD 14 -- so frankly, I counted us out this month and thought maybe I hadn't even ovulated. Fertility Friend didn't even want to give me crosshairs, but ended up giving me dashed crosshairs on CD 19. I very much doubt that's the correct date (I know you can gear up to O and not do it, but I had very positive OPKs on CD 13 and 14 and a negative OPK on CD 15).

I also think it would have been nearly impossible to get pregnant close to that later O date because my husband was traveling!

But this morning, I tested on a whim and got a very strong BFP! If FF was right, I would only be 7DPO. If I'm right, it's more like 12DPO. Based on how quickly my second line came in and how dark, it seems unlikely that it's 7DPO.

I'm going to the RE for a blood test tomorrow, so I'll have it confirmed soon enough. But I'm curious -- what do you guys think? Did I O around CD 14 like I think, and just didn't have a big temp rise? Or is FF right and somehow CD 19 was my O date? It won't make a big difference, but I will continue tracking my temps for the next week and just wanted to try to figure it out (and also take a stab at figuring out what my coverline should be).

(Tried to attach a photo but it's not letting me -- link is above.)

Re: Chart Help?

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    Your temperatures were pretty erratic, but you can get a positive at 7DPO even though it's not common. I would just go by CD19 for ovulating now. Congrats on your BFP!
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    What are your thoughts on CD 10?  Your CM might be consistent with that and your timing would have been spot on, plus that would explain getting such a clear BFP at this point. 

    Everyone is different of course, but I got my BFP with this baby at 10DPO and while visible the second line was faint.  Just my own personal preference, but once I get a BFP I stop temping, every little dip drove me crazy with worry.   
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