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Kaiser Permanente Pros/Cons?

I am currently TTC and on Blue Shield.  The costs are so much higher when we add a baby to the mix that I am considering switching the the Kaiser Permanente option that my work offers, especially to find a doctor I like before I am finally pregnant and starting the process!

Anyone have a recommendations or horror stories?  I live in Northridge so the SFV area would be best.

All comments helpful!  Thanks!
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Re: Kaiser Permanente Pros/Cons?

  • I had kaiser with my first child and I was very happy with the care. I did switch pediatricians, but it was easy to do. I am in the South Bay, so I can't make any specific recommendations.
  • Hello neighbor. I live in Canoga Park and had my LO at Kaiser in WH. I loved the service I got during and after my pregnancy. I was a high risk pregnancy because of age (37) and I had gestational diabetes. I was at Kaiser a lot towards the end - twice a week for the last 10 weeks. I was later induced. The entire experience was great! The department is awesome and my delivery was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Overall, I give them 5 stars. Oh not to mention the support you get after delivery with breastfeeding. They have department called Great Starts and the nurses there help you with whatever BF issues you encounter. Six months later, I can still call and ask questions if I need to. I hope this helps - Good luck!
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  • Thank you so much both of you!  Hi neighbor, ajimenezvasquez! I am so glad to hear you had a good experience at Kaiser Woodland Hills.  I am thinking I will start going there when my insurance changes.  It will be much cheaper than my current plan and seems like the convenience of all your records being in one place would be great too!

    I appreciate all thoughts and opinions! :-)  Very helpful!
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  • I've had Kaiser for years and they have always been great, especially during my pregnancies. They were wonderful when my boys were born premature and have really been on it during their development. One thing I love about Kaiser is that getting referrals is so easy and many things are done electronically. I do a lot of things from my phone or computer and it is so much more convenient. I am in the South Bay area but I hear Kaiser Panorama City is really nice. I personally do not have any horror stories. 
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  • Thank you!  I was thinking of Panorama City or Woodland Hills!
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  • I know this is kind of late, but we have Kaiser and I have heard great things about the Woodland Hills facility. Kaiser West LA is not my favorite. We go to Kaiser LA Medical Center. You have fewer options but at least for us the copays are manageable and the coordination is convenient. It's a machine - you have to be prepared to be your own advocate. But as long as you can do that, Kaiser is a good choice.
  • I go to kaiser panorama city and love it! Have yet to birth there but looking forward to the experience!

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  • I have Kaiser for myself and both children and we love it.  I love how everything is in one place, makes my life super easy especially with 2 kids running around.   
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