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Helping to walk?

So, my boy has always hated tummy time. He learned how to roll from tummy to back JUST TO GET AWAY FROM IT. Nailed sitting within a week of being in a supporting chair. Right now, he is in a weird place where he is 'attempting to crawl' but not, and learning to walk. With his 'crawl but not', he sits, then pulls himself forward until one knee is down with one foot....then faceplants; either that or he DOES get on his knees...but then they slip out and he's on his tummy.

With the attempting to walk, if he's near a solid object, he'll pull himself up. If it's not so solid, he'll wait until we put two fingers at the edge for him to grip and then pull himself up. Does anyone have any recommendations to help steady his center of gravity? He can walk about 20ft or so of holding onto our fingers and us following behind him, but his hips just go all over the place. He's having a blast when we let him do this and actually gets fussy when he wants to stand and there's nothing around him to help him up.
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Re: Helping to walk?

  • Our little girl does the same thing. Hasn't mastered crawling but wants to stand and learn to walk. She would rather lean on the outside edge of her exersaucer than sit inside it. We let her lean on something stable that her arms can rest on and drum a beat. She wiggles her little bum and dances which I think is helping her stability, because when she holds our hands to walk she's not all loosey goosey.
  • Just popping in to say my daughter is 9 months old and exactly like your son. Pretty much word for word about everything you said.

    I started trying to get her to stand on her own, but I catch her as she falls. She still needs to learn how to fall onto her butt and has caught herself falling forward a couple of times by actually stepping. But usually she'll just tip over like a tree. 

    Isabella & Julian & and now #3!
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