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***Making Plans Monday***

Please share your non IF plans for the week! Maybe it will help us all take our mind off of IF at least for a little bit :-)
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Re: ***Making Plans Monday***

  • Today my DD went back to school after a week of snow days. I am doing laundry, grocery shopping and the normal everyday stuff today. I may try to sneak in a little nap! Tomorrow is pretty boring and we don't have much to do which is kind of nice for a change. Wednesday we cheer and tumbling and Thursday we have dance as well as that being my normal house cleaning day. Friday I will have my first round of steriod injections on my right wrist for severe carpal tunnel and hopefully it will help so we can avoid surgery. Saturday we're having some friends over for dinner and drink while DD is at a sleepover and Sunday will be a family fun day filled with outdoor activities such as a little archery, playing, bike riding and anything else we can fit in outside if the weather permits :-)

    I hope everyone has a great week!
    (Former UN: iloveshanej)

    Birdie born 05/01/2007
    Rainbow Surprise Baby due 05/26/2017                                          

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  • Nothing fun. Our company's year-end cut off is in 2 weeks. I need to work some overtime to make sure I hit all my metrics for the year. Blah. 

    I am hoping the weekend weather stays somewhat nice so we can get out and play. L & DH are getting stir crazy being inside so much.

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  • Well our plans for the week will likely change since we are getting an unexpected snow :-(
    (Former UN: iloveshanej)

    Birdie born 05/01/2007
    Rainbow Surprise Baby due 05/26/2017                                          

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  • Work, work, work!  We work from 7:15 to 5, so we have long days.  But I only work Tues-Thurs...We need to start building the fence for the garden, so maybe that will start soon?  :)


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  • Lots of work this week and meeting up with some friends this weekend. And I'm getting my memorial tattoo for my boy and other Angels this weekend. :)
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  • It was all work, work, work this week!
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