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Hi there. I'm about 5w along and will be living in Portsmouth, NH for the remainder of my pregnancy. York sounds like a good hospital from what I've read but I was wondering if anyone could tell me about their personal experience there. Midwife recommendations would be great too. Thanks.

Re: York Hospital Birthing Center

  • I'm using the midwives out of York hospital and so far I really like them. Did you end up going with the midwives through York? I'm only 9 weeks 3 days
  • Used the drs, but have had both my son's at york. They are fantastic. I can't say enough good things about our births with them!!
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  • I used York Hospital and the midwives for my son and cannot say enough good things about everyone involved. You'll meet all the midwives through your your prenatal care since they are on call, so you won't know who will actually deliver your baby. I had my first appointment with Emily after I found out I was pregnant and the cool thing was that she ended up delivering my baby. The staff at the hospital during delivery was amazing and the hospital is incredible. Giving birth is hard but they made it so fun and enjoyable. It was like the Ritz of hospitals. Good luck and enjoy! You're in excellent hands at York!
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    My sister delivered three of her four children at York hospital and she always raved about them! I think you'll be in great hands! I considered delivering there since I'm so close (I live in North Berwick) but Wentworth Douglass in Dover is just so convenient for me. It's about 10-15 minutes away.
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