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After 2 miscarriages my doctor discovered I had the MTHFR gene abnormality which may have caused the miscarriages. I am now taking a baby aspirin and a FAAB pill. Just found out I am pregnant again. Anyone have this experience and have gone on to a successful pregnancy??? Thank you ladies!


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    I am heterogeneous for MTHFR, my doc discovered it while I was trying to get pregnant, so she put me on different prenatal vitamins that had methylated components to it as well as glutathione and methyl B12.  Just got a positive pregnancy test yesterday so.... we'll see how it goes!   I've never heard of it causing miscarriages though. 
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    I don't know for certain, but my cousin had to take baby aspirin during her pregnancies because she kept having miscarriages and now she has 2 beautiful children.  I'm not sure what her diagnosis was though, sorry. 

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    Thank you ladies!!
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    I have MTHFR. I took a baby aspirin and was on Lovenox injections, and folic acid because of it. I carried my baby until 38 weeks. She was a chunk and healthy baby. I was having problems BF so I met with an LC and she discovered my DD was tongue-tied. She is currently working a doctor about MTHFR and the babies being tongue-tied. Out of the 30 patients she had with MTFHR 28 of the babies were tongue-tied. She believes the 2 are connected and so does the doctor she is working with. The pediatrician and LC in the hospital didn't check for it. My pediatrician didn't check for it either. I was irritated about it because DD wasn't gaining weight for 3 weeks. Once we got her tongue and lip ties snipped things on the nursing front got better. So anyways after writing this novel have your baby checked out for the when they get here.
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