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Thank You Note Ettiquette

I'll be honest  - I just do not remember what I did with regard to my wedding shower - and I'd love your help.

My baby shower is not until the end of March, but the host sent the invitations this past week. A few of my guests have sent the gifts directly to me -- two from new moms who told me that they wished they had more time to get things assembled before the baby's arrival, and a few are friends/family members who cannot make the event but wanted to send a gift.

So, this brings me to my question -

For those unable to attend the shower, who have sent a gift. I plan on sending a Thank You immediately upon receipt of a gift.

For those who are attending, but chose to send a gift in advance - do I send a Thank You now? or do I wait until after the event and thank them for both their generous gift, and for attending the shower? I will plan to also acknowledge them at the shower after opening gifts so all the guests know that they gave a gift - but sent it to my home.

Appreciate the help in advance. I usually know my ettiquette but in the third tri my brain has become spaghetti.


Re: Thank You Note Ettiquette

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    dufferoodufferoo member
    edited February 2015
    I would send the notes as soon as you open the presents. The givers will want to know that you received their gifts and will be glad to hear you loved them. I'd also probably thank them in person at the shower or whenever you see them next, but a big announcement in front of everybody seems unnecessary. They gave you the gifts because they love you, not to get credit for it!
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    Thank you @dufferoo, I'll get on those thank-you notes today!!
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