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Daycare - too many hugs?

I was heartbroken yesterday when I picked up my 2.5 yr old son from daycare. His favorite teacher took me aside to share with me that in the past 2-3 weeks he has been clingy more than usual, and asking for "too many" hugs and wanting to be picked up. She wants us to work on it...

I shared that he has been sick for 2 weeks, we pulled him out a few days to get some extra rest (plus alittle more parent time). My husband and I have both traveled (at different times) for work in the past month. So, I know his world has been rocked a little bit.

The comment and work on the hugging from day care is bothering me.. it just doesn't "feel" right, but I don't know how to approach it?! As a first time mom... I would think it's normal and acceptable... but, maybe I am being too hands on?! Just not sure..

Re: Daycare - too many hugs?

  • I honestly got sad reading this because my son goes through phases like this and I know how hard it is. Luckily family watches him during the week so he can get the extra affection he needs at certain times.

    What exactly does the teacher think you can do to "work on this"? He's obviously going through something right now...lots of kids is it that hard to just give him some extra hugs? (This is my motherly line of thinking)

    I guess if it were me, I would ask for a sit down with the teacher and explain how you feel about all this. Ask what she suggests and if there's a middle ground, or how the teacher plans to handle this moving forward if your LO isn't able to just "get over it".

    Good luck.

  • My daughter goes to a christian preschool and the first thing she does when she gets to school is run and hug her teacher.  I would be upset too if her teacher said she wanted too many hugs.  
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  • Did you ask the teacher how many hugs were too many? Realistically, if he is interrupting her time with other children every 5 minutes, I could see how it would be a bit much for her. Needing some extra love a couple times a day though shouldn't probably be too big of an inconvenience.
  • Thanks for you input - helps me to not feel so lonely on the subject. When I went to pick him up the next day, the same teacher told us that he "had a better day" and I asked what that meant. She said no pushing and not asking to be picked up as much.

    I think it's a mix of him needing more attention that the teacher can perhaps provide (at least while he is going through this), but I also think they are understaffed, since they just brought a few new kids in the room. He is on the younger side of the group. I am going to play it out, going to have to have a productive discussion if I notice it again.
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