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Encouragement and resources needed!

hi! I'm 9 weeks pregnant with #2. #1 was a beautiful baby - progressed with unmedicated labor to 10 cm but the baby was breech. They couldn't turn her due to double (almost triple) wrapped cord.... Off to the emergency c section I went! Her little legs were delivered before my spinal block was in! With number two I am a candidate for a VBAC with an OB who is supportive. The er section was super traumatic and rushed and scary - I didn't even get to see her once she was delivered and I was so sick on the table ... I don't want that again! I want to go for an unmedicated VBAC but I'm not lying about fear. My doctor said there are risks on both sides.. And that uterine rupture is less than 1% chance, BUT that if 1% was the chance of winning the lottery, everyone would play because eventually it would be their turn. I just need some encouragement and support! No ican chapters near me and my doctor is the ONLY one who supports vbacs ... Thanks in advance!

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  • If your doctor supports you, that's part of winning this battle I think. I'm hoping for VBAC this time around. My birth was not as traumatizing as yours. But still, I have no desire o do it again. Have you looked for a doula? Maybe someone who can rally support on your side in the birthing room and support you?
  • I have been thinking about it - it's just not cheap and we don't have a lot of disposable income. I really feel like it may be important tho. My doctor is one of two in our area and the hospital isn't super supportive (when I was laboring with one we had to fight them to let me labor out of bed when my water broke! Crazy!) so I think a doula is a must. I was going to talk to my doctor about it at the next appointment to see how he felt about them (don't want to step on toes!) you don't worry about the risks? I'm such a control freak! Lol that's my main problem
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  • Have you toured a birth center and met a midwife? You can always keep your doctor if you like him better or it's your best option, but I would recommend investigating a totally different approach as part of your preparation!
  • We don't have a birth center near us - we are in a very behind the times area. My doctor is actually the most forward thinking and he is FIGHTING with the hospital to get midwives on his staff! So he's really one of my only options unless I want to drive to the neighboring city but it's a close to two hour drive and 45 mins of it is on a bridge so we would be stuck with no resources if something were to happen... So this is the best choice and I really do like my doctor a lot. But I still have nerves
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