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VERY Picky Eater!!

Hello, my DS is a very picky eater. He is 20 months old and barely eats anything, and when he does eat he only eats a bite or two. We have taken him to the doctor and she said that basically if he doesn't eat don't give him what he wants just so he has food in his belly. That eventually he will get hungry enough that he will eat what you give him. Well we tried that and  it is not working out to well. He doesn't give in. He also wont even try anything different. All he eats is chicken fries, corn on the cob, yogurts, Gerber fruit pouches, multigrain bars, and of course anything sweet. I am at a lose of trying to get him to try something different. Most of the time he either looks at it and gags or licks it and gags.

Is anyone else having these problems with their little ones? What are you doing to get them to try new foods?


Re: VERY Picky Eater!!

  • Mine won't eat anything new either. He will lick most vegetables and fruit and refuse to put it in his mouth. I am still doing veggie baby food tubs to get vegetables down him. I have to trick him and sneak a spoonful in when he's eating something else.
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