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You know you’re a mom when...


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    I knew I was a mom when the diaper bag became my purse and my accessories with very outfit was spit up and wearing the binky as a neckless I never knew I could love something so much my LOs are the air I breath everyday....

  • You get pooped on! This onesie says it all

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  • When you have no problem belting out "twinkle, twinkle little star" to calm your child down while you are in line at Starbucks.
  • when you tell your friends "no i can't go out to (event) with you , that is (baby's name)'s nap time"

    when you dont change the channel after the little one falls asleep because you HAVE TO KNOW if Sophia gets her amulet back

    when you know how to do the "hotdog dance" ... and do

    when you tear up watching them sleep
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  • Oh man for me, it really hits home when I watch tv shows that lightly play on the kidnapping newborn trope. Its easy to write about something like this because it may boost ratings, but the thought of thinking of a newborn not being able to breastfeed really pisses me off. Maybe it's just me because I know the struggle is real. But whatever, I am a proud mom.
  • So husband still isn't okay with it
  • BZBeeMommyBZBeeMommy member
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    When you're in your car, just arrived at home or your destination, but can't turn off the engine or go inside yet because the baby is still fast asleep.  
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  • As soon as saw that first ultrasound :)
  • When I went "mama bear" on an older kid playing on the baby playground and my son was knocked over. Yes, I am a bit of a helicopter mother. 
  • I knew I was a mom when every conversation was about my son even on date night :)
  • When a toot bests your 3 year old, but her panties are brand new, so instead of just tossing them in the trash, you wad them in tissue and carry them out in your beautiful, brand new purse, despite your husband's horrified statement of "you have POOP in your handbag??!?"  and you shrug it off, because Lord knows it's not the first time!

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  • on the gross side: You know you're a mom catch their throw up in your hands so it doesn't get on them or the crib sheet. lol At 16months I FINALLY went wow, that was my - "you know your a mom when" moment!
  • Everytime I feel my Baby Girl's kicks its hits me I'm going to be Your Mommy Woa!!!

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  • I look in all directions and find something that can be use as a toy on the fly.
    I can play a mean game of tic tac toe at a restaurant, draw squiggle and straight lines to be cut on the fly for the three year old. 
  • Thanks  for your sharing
  • rom10rom10 member
    You can never manage to have yout coffee hot! 
  • I actually have 2 instances, I knew I was a mom when..
    I went to the bathroom just for peace and quiet
    I was just as interested in Sofia the First as my 5 and 4 year old are lol! (I know the theme song and everything!)
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  • CatC86 said:
    The first time you realize your kid is getting ready to throw up and your realize that you've got nothing around to catch it with so you try to catch it with your hands, then instantly regret it. YUCK!
    Too real.
  • I don't remember if I answered this. But now I have trouble watching movies that have to do with a kidnapping, or the death of a child :( It's so hard dealing with that now.
  • BestmomideasBestmomideas member
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    You know you are a mom when you can catch throw up in your hands, because you don't want it to hit the carpet, without getting sick yourself.
  • You know you're a mum when..... you start smelling bums (your baby's obv's) to see if they've poo'd.

    When else would you smell a bum? Ha ha
  • When you only watch Disney jr 
  • OMG can not wait for that to happen :)! Feeling so emotional now...
  • When friends posting pics of their restaurant lunches makes you made because you're on the third lunch in a row of macaroni and cheese with a side of fruit snacks... 
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  • I just threw out a couple of plastic cases that were falling apart because they were "dangerous." Now only am I am mom, but I'm my mom! 
  • You experience coitus interruptus for the first time, not right before all the clothes come off, not immediately after cutting the post coital glow short....but right when you're in the middle of it......

  • chigirl0330chigirl0330 member
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  • When peace and quiet means that your kids are up to something sneaky!
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